We are building a resilient and scalable ultra-high throughput data relay network using E-band and optical communications.

Space Data Download

Terrestrial Data Transfer

Space Cloud Transport

Gives customers ultra-highspeed, secure, and direct connections to remote sites anywhere on earth for bulk and other data transfers.

Customers can instantly and securely download terabytes of EO, space surveillance, and intelligence data to a ground station anywhere on earth.

Customers can store and retrieve sensitive data from third-party GEO-based space cloud networks and enable high-speed transactions.

Defense & Intelligence

Financial Institutions

Content Distribution

Earth Observation

Space Intelligence

Space Services

In-Space Connectivity

Edge Computing

Space Cloud Network

E-band offers high degree of reusability, enormous system capacity and smaller terminals

Highly directional pencil beams provide high gain to compensate for atmosphere path loss.

High degree of frequency reuse among beams dramatically increases throughput.

Significantly smaller and steerable antennae are ideal for mobile solutions.

Scalable network architecture supports future growth


Real-time data transfer between LEO/MEO satellites to ground networks.


Point to point connectivity bypassing terrestrial networks

Secure communications to space platforms and applications

World's first two-way E-band ​communication satellite


Meeting regulatory milestones

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E-band technology


Atmospheric data collection

E-band Paylaod

Scheduled for launch 2nd half 2024

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Raghu Das


Peter Ruderman


14 November 2023

22 November 2023

Almagest Space, has been chosen as one of the illustrious ​Hello Tomorrow Deep Tech Pioneers!